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Keratin ear debris

26 October 2021


Remember I talked about micro suction as a procedure to remove debris in the ears other than wax?...

hearing aid dome wedged in ear canal

30 September 2021

Foreign body in ear canal

If left untreated, a foreign object in the ear can cause pain, infection and hearing loss. If you...

wax removal ear irrigator

19 September 2021

Ear Irrigation

I have been performing micro suction ear wax removal for three years now. I am competent and conf...

Environmentally friendly suction tubes

09 August 2021

Environmentally friendly suction tubes

One of the issues in my business that I have felt uneasy about for a long time is the amount of p...

Wax Monster

29 June 2021


I showed this image of a 'wax monster' to a client the other day and she said it's exactly how it...

6 reasons not to use cotton buds

01 June 2021

6 Reasons not to use Ear Buds

1. Earbuds will probably push the wax deeper in your ear, even if you are really, really careful ...

GP Referral ear wax

27 March 2021

GP Referral

I wanted to talk about GP referrals. Because of pressures on GP surgeries due to Covid, I am seei...

outcome of using a screw tool

06 March 2021

Home wax removal horror

This is a picture of a customer’s damaged ear canal today. The customer’s son bought one of those...

Jaine Walker on BBC South Today

16 February 2021

TV Appearance

I meant to write about this earlier. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to appear on South ...