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Tympanometry Immittance Report

I would like to introduce a new service called tympanometry. A tympanometer is a device that measures the function of the eardrum to establish if there is fluid behind the eardrum in the middle ear or eustachian tube dysfunction. I am seeing lots of people who come to me for ear wax removal but when I examine their ears there is no wax blockage or sign of infection; their ears look normal. Now I can offer this additional service to really find out if there is anything else behind the eardrum that the client should be aware of.


The picture featured is my trainer on this procedure. We already knew his right ear was normal and he has eustachian tube disfunction on his left side. The red result shows a normal peak on the graph and the blue line shows a peak in the negative region of the graph so confirms this condition.


Hopefully, this additional service will give my clients more information on the health of their ears and give guidance to GP consultations if necessary,


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