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Covid Information

Covid Information

We have covid protocols in place in all our clinic sites. We would respectfully ask that you respect these procedures in order to keep our customers and staff safe

  • Please arrive at your appointment on time, rather than early, in order the rooms can be cleaned and we can socially distance in the waiting area
  • Please wear a mask, we can provide one if you forget
  • Please cancel your appointment if you have covid symptoms eg. a persistent cough or high temperature
  • Practitioner will be wearing full PPE, adhering to BSHAA covid guidelines

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our clinics soon


Happy New Ear !!

ear wax removal procedure

Happy New Year to all my loyal customers and new ones to come.


Gosh, what a year it was. We were in lockdown in January 2021 and in the depths of that winter things were looking very downcast and miserable. Because ear wax removal is deemed a medical procedure,  I was still able to work and offer relief for my customers who were experiencing hearing loss and discomfort from blocked ears throughout the year.  It became clear that accessing a GP was becoming more difficult due to the backlog of patients because of Covid.  Some customers came to me with earache and pain and I was able to do a video otoscopy examination.  In the event of that customer having an ear infection,  I emailed the images to them so they could do an eConsultation with their GP without having to see them face to face. 


Then in November came the booster job. Davies Pharmacy in Havant became the local booster jab centre and my clinic was right in the middle of the action !


Just before Christmas the chemist were doing over a thousand booster jabs a day. I was doing ear wax removal and the pharmacy were still offering flu jabs and handing out lateral flu tests. It was busy !


In 2021 I registered over 8,000 patients which is a lot of ears. I am looking forward to welcoming even more in 2022..


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