Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal

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Wax blockage can be stressful for many people causing temporary hearing loss and sometimes pain. It can restrict a person’s ability to hear with their hearing aids and prevent them from having hearing aids fitted.

WAXAXE offers Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal. This is recognised as the safest method of treatment for guaranteed effective removal of ear wax.

The procedure is performed by a qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist with 14 years’ experience.

Appointments are available at the following locations:

  • Wickham
  • Havant
  • Petersfield
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Cost of Treatment:

  • Single Ear – £45
  • Two Ears – £80

“Being advised by my local Doctors surgery that the dizzy spells faint hearing and poor balance were most likely caused by excessive wax in both ears, I attended your clinic in Havant, Great decision, No pain, All gain, Even have to turn the
radio down and the family do not have to shout at me now!!. Thank you.” Mr Costello

“I would unreservedly recommend Jaine to you. Her exceptionally professional, hygienic and effective service of earwax removal transformed my sense of well-being and my hearing- within minutes. Jaine is friendly, reassuring and efficient in
her work and her use of the latest technology means you can also see the difference her service makes to you.” Mr Woods

“Having been deaf for two weeks, I finally found Jaine. In a short time she cleared my ears in a most professional and relaxed atmosphere.” Mrs Hardy

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