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EAR WAX is not something people talk about but it keeps our ears clean and protects them from infection.

Wax blockage can be stressful for many people causing temporary hearing loss, tinnitus, discomfort or even pain. It can affect hearing aid performance and mean that a hearing test or the fitting of new hearing aids is not possible.

Waxaxe clinics are clean, medical environments, within doctors’ surgeries and chemists, where Jaine offers a calm, reassuring, personal service.

Most of our clients are regulars and have been coming to us for several years, so you’re in safe, friendly hands.

Hello, I'm Jaine

You will benefit from her 15 years experience as a Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist and now her expertise in the specialist field of ear wax removal.

She has chosen to specialise in micro-suction because it is the safest and most effective method of ear wax removal.

If needed, Jaine can also email high resolution images of your ears to you for e-consultations with your GP or ENT.

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Simple & Affordable Pricing

We keep our prices simple.

Single Ear £60

Both Ears £80


Why do I need this?

“I just wanted to thank you, once again, for your help this morning. My ear is now functioning really well and it made a huge difference later when I was having coffee with friends and didn’t have to keep leaning forward to hear what was being said! Obviously, I mentioned your name and the address at the Grange, so I expect a few of them will visit you in the coming year. Thank you also to Ben who set up my appointment.”


Highly Recommended

“I would highly recommend Jaine for any ear wax removal, a genuine skilled person who did an amazing job and really wanted to help. I am so happy now I can hear, the treatment didn’t hurt at all and worth every penny”

Mrs Slocombe

Pain free

“I would unreservedly recommend Jaine to you. Her exceptionally professional, hygienic and effective service of earwax removal transformed my sense of well-being and my hearing- within minutes. Jaine is friendly, reassuring and efficient in her work and her use of the latest technology means you can also see the difference her service makes to you.”

Mr Woods

Thank You very much

“Further to my original email, thank you very much I now have a very happy husband, who saw you today and mum, last week!! They are both delighted and you have made a big difference to both. I thought you might like to know that I first heard about your service in South Today hopefully they will have sent many more patients your way!”


A Very big thank you

“Thank you so much for the photos. I would also like to say a very big thank you on behalf of mum. She was in so much pain , and even though she still has pain, she can hear a little bit more now. Mum will definitely come back to see you. We both think you are a very lovely person and are truly grateful for your help today”


Positive Feedback

"Dear Jaine, Just to say another thank you for sorting out my ear . I had to turn the volume down on everything when I got home and the alarm this morning sounded so loud and could not be ignored! I thought you might like some positive feedback"


No pain, No gain

“Being advised by my local Doctors surgery that the dizzy spells faint hearing and poor balance were most likely caused by excessive wax in both ears, I attended your clinic in Havant, Great decision, No pain, All gain, Even have to turn the radio down and the family do not have to shout at me now!!. Thank you.”

Mr Costello

Speedy, Efficient, Professional

“Thank you, Jaine for your speedy, efficient and professional ear wax removal today from both my ears. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is in need of this. After weeks of muffled hearing you solved the problem in minutes. This was the best £80 I have spent in a long while. Forget the shoes girls, get your ears done!”

Mrs A Wilson

Glad I came

“Having been deaf for two weeks, I finally found Jaine. In a short time she cleared my ears in a most professional and relaxed atmosphere.”

Mrs Hardy

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