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covid vaccine card

01 February 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination

My good news today is that I had the COVID vaccination on the weekend. As an audiologist doing cl...

Happy New Year

30 January 2021

Welcome 2021

I will be reopening for a brand-new year on Monday 4th January. I am looking forward to welcoming...

ear wax removal procedure

06 January 2021

Healthcare Services

Well here we are again, Lockdown 3, ho hum…. Unlike the lockdown earlier in 2020, ear wax removal...

we are open

12 December 2020


Every time I try to update this blog, everything changes again ! So, as of today, Tuesday 22nd De...

hydrogen peroxide

22 November 2020

Hydrogen Peroxide

I have attached this photograph to show an extreme example of what hydrogen peroxide can do to an...

ear problem

11 November 2020

Open for Business

Micro suction wax removal is classed as a medical service and is a non AGP ( aerosol generating p...

Olive Oil

21 September 2020

Olive Oil

People always ask ” what is the best way to stop the wax building up in my ears?”. Honestly, ther...


07 September 2020


This weird piece of headgear that makes me look boss eyed is a brand-new way for me to see into c...

Right view from Otocam

24 August 2020

Otocam 300 video otoscope

I am very excited. I have taken delivery of my most advanced video otoscope yet. The Otocam 300 h...