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Swimmers Ear

swimmers ear

This hot weather we've been experiencing has led to more ear problems. Most of us have actually been able to go on holiday this year and looking for cooling water to jump into like swimming pools, lakes and, of course, the sea.  Lakes can pose a real risk of contracting infectious diseases and unchlorinated water poses more risk of bacteria.


I have definitely seen cases rise this summer of blocked ears after holidays. Swimmers ear is normally mild and temporary. If the water does not drain out of the ear naturally it might be stuck behind wax and there is a risk of infection.


So what to do? Do not use a cotton bud as the wax will be pushed further into the ear canal. Start by applying olive oil drops which is a natural remedy to soften and move wax. If the ears are still blocked, the micro suction procedure will clear the ears quickly and safely.


If your ears feel blocked after you've been swimming please contact Ben on 07598 303877 to book an appointment at out clinics in Havant, Petersfield or Wickham