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Covid Information

Covid Information

We have covid protocols in place in all our clinic sites. We would respectfully ask that you respect these procedures in order to keep our customers and staff safe

  • Please arrive at your appointment on time, rather than early, in order the rooms can be cleaned and we can socially distance in the waiting area
  • Please wear a mask, we can provide one if you forget
  • Please cancel your appointment if you have covid symptoms eg. a persistent cough or high temperature
  • Practitioner will be wearing full PPE, adhering to BSHAA covid guidelines

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our clinics soon



Keratin ear debris

Remember I talked about micro suction as a procedure to remove debris in the ears other than wax? This is a photo from a colleague who removed this long strip of keratin from a client's ear. Keratin is a type of protein found on epithelial cells, which line the inside and outside surfaces of the body. Keratins help form the tissues of the hair, nails and outer layer of the skin. For some people, the keratin inside the ear peels off in strips. The wax builds up around it and it blocks the ear causing discomfort and hearing loss.


If this condition affects you, micro suction is the safest method to remove it. I recommend olive oil on a weekly basis to keep the skin soft and prevent it drying and crusting which blocks the ear more.


Please call us on 07598 303877 if you would like a micro suction appointment in one of our clinics in Havant, Petersfield or Wickham.