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WaxAxe’s Response to the Halt on NHS Ear Wax Removal Services

The NHS has recently made the decision to put a pause on providing ear wax removal services, which the RNID hearing loss charity's report reveals will leave approximately 9.8 million people facing limitations in accessing free NHS ear wax removal treatment.

We at WaxAxe are not going anywhere and we look forward to bridging the gap! If you’re being impacted by these changes, or you know someone who is, read on for our guidance and support to getting you the treatment you need. 

What’s Changed?

The report, quoted by the Guardian highlights a concerning "postcode lottery," indicating that more than half of NHS commissioners are not ensuring all adults across the UK can access ear wax removal services, breaching official guidelines. A medical reason as to why, is yet to provided…

While the reasons behind this imbalance remain undisclosed, the government, as reported by the BBC, state that individuals facing hearing loss due to ear wax issues can still be referred to a specialist service through their GP, but it’s important to note that wait times can be prolonged.

How We Can Help

At our Hampshire-based ear wax removal clinics, we understand how stressful ear problems can be and the problems they can cause, especially when left untreated for an extended period. This is why we’re committed to offering reliable and affordable solutions for those affected by the changes in NHS wax removal services, to get you back to feeling like yourself again.

With a focus on well-being, our team of medical experts ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all, providing prompt and tailored ear cleaning treatments that address the unique and specific needs of each of our patients.

Our Ear Wax Removal Services

Video Otoscopy

Experience our advanced Video Otoscopy examination during your initial and post-procedure inspection. It might not sound glamorous, but technology allows us to spot abnormalities or infections, whilst giving you photographic proof to compare your ear condition with. Find out more about our Video Otoscopy Services.

Wax Removal using Micro-suction Procedure

Our advanced micro-suction procedure is a quick and easy, pain-free solution to wax removal. Using the micro-suction apparatus to gently suck the wax out of the ear canal, there’s no mess and no nasty syringing, proving a lot safer and kinder to our eadrums. Find out more about our Micro-suction Procedure.

Ear Irrigation

For challenging cases where wax dissolves or hardens over time, this is where our ear irrigation procedure comes in. Using warm water, it rinses the ear to provide relief, eliminating soft wax or softening extra hard wax for easier removal, but don’t worry, we’ll determine your suitability for this treatment through our triage medical questionnaire. Find out more about our Ear Irrigation Procedure.

Navigating the recent changes in NHS services has posed challenges for many of us, but at WaxAxe, our friendly clinics in Havant, Wickham and Petersfield are here to offer a helping hand through our accessible and effective ear wax removal solutions.

If you’ve been impacted by the recent changes and you’re based in the Hampshire area, contact us here or call us on 07598 303 877 to schedule an appointment at one of our ear care clinics.