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Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide

I have attached this photograph to show an extreme example of what hydrogen peroxide can do to an ear. Because the wax had been dissolved, I had to use a gentle warm water rinse to clean the ear and this was revealed once the wet wax had been washed out. I recommended olive oil drops for two weeks and when she came back last week her ear had calmed down and looked normal and healthy again.

Hydrogen peroxide is an active ingredient in most over the counter ear wax removal products and is commonly used in hair bleaching and dyes, oral hygiene products e.g. mouth wash and teeth bleaching. It does help to dissolve hard wax but excessive use can lead to irritation of the skin inside the ear which may cause inflammation and earaches. Also, if you have an unknown or undiagnosed ear infection, the hydrogen peroxide may aggravate the condition. Therefore, I only recommend olive oil drops for gentle and natural relief to soften the wax before micro suction.