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Ear Wax Removal In Havant Petersfield and Wickham

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So here I am, writing my first ever blog at the age of 55! It’s daunting and I admit I don’t really know what to write…

Let me start with an introduction. My name is Jaine Walker and, you know my age. I live in Chichester with my partner and gorgeous cat called Whitney. I have worked as a Hearing Aid Audiologist for about fourteen years, the last seven of which were at Boots in Portsmouth and Petersfield. I now run clinics doing micro suction ear wax removal – I know, it’s just too glamorous!

So how did I move from hearing aids to wax removal?

When a hearing aid user had wax blockage it would mean I either could not do an accurate hearing test or fit hearing aids. Other problems could be that the current hearing aids would whistle loudly because of wax blockage and not perform to their maximum performance levels. In the past, I would refer them to their GP surgery to get their ears syringed and they would return a couple of weeks later so we could continue with the hearing test/fitting/check up with clear ears. Then about eighteen months ago, nearly all the GP surgeries in the area withdrew the syringe wax removal service. Suddenly, my poor customers had nowhere to go to get their ears cleared of wax. Some people were very distressed about this as they used to have it done regularly.

I decided to set up micro suction clinics to offer this much needed service.

Little did I know that it’s not just hearing aid users that require wax removal. This problem affects people from all age groups and all walks of life. Wax blockage can cause hearing loss, even in really young people, sometimes pain and always frustration and discomfort.

Such is the demand that I now have clinics most days of the week in different locations in Havant, Petersfield and Wickham.

So, within the upcoming blogs I will be giving you tips on how to keep your ears healthy and showing you some before and after pictures.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about your own ears or call me on 07598 303 877 to book your appointment.