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Covid Information

Covid Information

We have covid protocols in place in all our clinic sites. We would respectfully ask that you respect these procedures in order to keep our customers and staff safe

  • Please arrive at your appointment on time, rather than early, in order the rooms can be cleaned and we can socially distance in the waiting area
  • Please wear a mask, we can provide one if you forget
  • Please cancel your appointment if you have covid symptoms eg. a persistent cough or high temperature
  • Practitioner will be wearing full PPE, adhering to BSHAA covid guidelines

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our clinics soon


Our procedures

We use a variety of new and original procedures to help you

Wax Removal using Micro-suction Procedure

The practitioner uses an Oscope ( a 12mm converged binocular optical system) to see inside the ear canal. Using the micro-suction apparatus, the wax is gently suctioned out of the ear canal until clear.

Benefits of Micro-suction

  • Pain free and very quick
  • No syringing which can be stressful and cause trauma to the eardrum.
  • No mess.
  • Safe for patients who may have a perforated eardrum, previous surgery or even recurring infections.
Wax Removal

Video Otoscopy (initial inspection)

Using a video otoscope, visual examination of the ear canal so that wax blockage can be observed and seen by patient.

Why Video Otoscopy?

Most advanced video otoscope on the market

Crisp full colour images of the ear canal and ear drum

You can see before and after micro suction procedure

Built in heating system reduces delays caused by condensation

If infection or abnormality is found, image can be emailed to client to show to GP online

Images can be saved for future refence

Video Otoscopy (after micro-suction)

Patient can see the ear canal after the procedure to check that it is clear.

Video Otoscopy
Hearing Test

Why would you want a private hearing test?

  • You booked ear wax removal due to perceived hearing loss, but otoscopy revealed the ears were clear
  • You do not want to wait weeks for an appointment
  • You are not sure if you have a hearing loss
  • You know you have a hearing loss but would like it confirmed and an emailed copy of the audiogram
  • You would like any referrable conditions or results quickly identified so onward medical referral can be organised
  • You would like to show an audiogram result to your GP for an NHS hearing aid referral
  • You want a hearing test but do not want to be pressurised into buying hearing aids
  • You would like to know what your hearing result is and would like help and advice on hearing aids
  • You want to buy hearing aids online and would like an accurate audiogram result to send to the suppliers for pre-programming

KUDOwave - The portable audiometer that changes the way we do hearing tests

The KUDUwave™ is an audiometric (hearing testing) device that employs a combination of technologies to block the same amount of sound as a sound booth. Additional technology monitors ambient noise in real-time to further ensure the quality of tests. Basically, this innovative equipment combines a headset, audiometer and sound booth in a single lightweight device.

Removing the need for a sound booth means improved portability, greater accessibility and boosts the overall patient and clinician experience.

Patients often complain of anxiety and claustrophobia when tested in a sound booth. Now patients can experience open-air testing and diagnostics while benefiting from more personal, face to face care from the clinician rather than through a small window.

The quality of testing is also improved by replacing traditional analogue components with highly accurate and reliable digital components.

Hygiene Protocols

  • Staggered appointments
  • Full sterilisation procedures between appointments
  • Customer hand sanitiser
  • Practitioner wearing PPE

Patient Telephone Questionnaire

Assess medical history, ear health, previous surgery etc. and explanation of procedure.