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Wax removal Register


As a member of BSHAA (British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologist), I am delighted that there will soon be an Aural Care Register. This means, when people are searching for an ear wax removal provider, they can check the register and be reassured that the practitioner is registered and certified with recognised skills and experience for this specialised procedure.

  'BSHAA, as the longest standing professional body for audiology in the UK, has led the way in providing registrants with the professional guidance needed to comply with regulation and provide the upmost standards in patient care and safety.

The lack of clear regulation/guidance around ear wax removal has for a long time now been of concern to the society and its members. However, the recent reduction and in many cases removal of NHS provision of wax removal has led to an alarming rise in the number of private providers offering wax removal services – many of these without traditional links to audiology, questionable training and no assured quality of care standards.

Following a recent poll of our Members it is clear that the sentiment is that something should be done and that BSHAA take the lead - (almost 90% of our respondents made this clear).

BSHAA`s intent is to establish a “BSHAA Aural Care Register” consisting only of BSHAA members qualified for wax removal. This approach ensures that the only practitioners to appear on our register will be HCPC registered, those working under their supervision or associate wax members who have successfully attended a BSHAA accredited wax removal course; all bound under current and maintained BSHAA membership, ensuring strict patient care and safety standards are followed at all times.

Following careful consideration, we believe the adoption of associate wax members into the society is a balanced approach that addresses both the shortage of NHS provision and audiology workforce in general along with the requirement to ensure that the public have access to safe, quality assured care.

Over three quarters of our respondents were in favour of this associate wax member adoption and you can be assured that BSHAA will stringently accredit and monitor courses along with investigating and taking action where there are concerns over training providers and/or members.

Our top priority is and always has been patient care and safety; the society’s stance on this remains unchanged.'