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A board

Havant Direction Board

To encourage social distancing at the Havant clinic, we are directing customers round the side alley to the back of the chemist to access the clinic. I put an Aboard by the alley to help customers find the clinic. Gosh, why didn’t I do this before ! I have been here for nearly two years but now I get people calling in all the time with ear wax enquiries and they didn’t even know I was there ! Who needs Google Ads when an old school A board works 100% better !

It would appear that none of the GP surgeries are doing ear wax removal at all at the moment so I have been really busy. Luckily, I am now doing micro suction full time so there are clinics five days a week in locations at Havant, Wickham and Petersfield.

I have invested in some new equipment. A new state of the art video otoscope and an audiometer which means I able to offer hearing tests.

Watch this space for more information….