Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal

TV appearance

Jaine Walker on BBC South Today

I meant to write about this earlier. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to appear on South Today with a small segment about Waxaxe and Hearing Ltd. They asked for people to contact them who had shut down in the first lockdown but were now able to operate in this current lockdown. Because ear wax removal is classed as a medical procedure performed by a medical professional I am able to continue working. However, it has been a bit quiet as many people do not know that I am open. I emailed the programme and was lucky enough to be selected to appear. I had to film five 10 second videos on my phone of the practice and then did a Zoom video interview with the journalist, Allan Sinclair. The feature appeared on the lunchtime and evening edition of the programme on 14th January. The clinics on Havant, Petersfield and Wickham were all mentioned and the actual procedure of the ear wax removal was shown.

It was amazing! The phone started ringing immediately with people calling saying they didn’t even know such a service existed or that they thought I would be closed. It was just a boost the company needed at this time and I am very grateful to have been chosen to appear.