Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal

Corona virus update part III

Over the weekend I have been trying to make a decision as to whether to continue offering the micro suction removal service. I have been consulting with other practitioners and following the medical advice for health care professionals online. I have come to the decision, with a heavy heart, to stop the micro suction service

Corona virus update part II

face mask

Since I wrote my last blog about a week ago, everything has changed again. Last night, Boris Johnson ordered the shut down of all bars, cafes, restaurants etc. I am still working in GP surgeries in Wickham and Petersfield and Davies Pharmacy in Havant. I have supplies of medical gloves, face masks, 70% alcohol hand

Corona virus update

Thought I would mention corona virus today, seeing as it’s all we are talking about ! All my clinics are in a medical environment; a pharmacy and GP surgeries. I still have plenty of alcohol hand sanitiser and all my rooms have sinks and soap. The GP surgeries are extra vigilant and have asked that

Attention hearing aid users

Hearing aid dome

Today, not for the first time, I removed a rubber dome from a customer’s ear in my wax removal clinic. The dome is the little attachment on the end of a tube or receiver wire that channels the sound from the hearing aid to the ear drum. They are made of very soft rubber and

Our New Ear Wax Removal Loyalty Cards

WaxAxe loyalty card

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Waxaxe Loyalty Cards. Due to the amount of people who have been returning to see me for repeat ear wax removal, some within 3 or 4 months of the last appointment, I have introduced loyalty cards. I know, not as exciting as a coffee loyalty card

Who are the BSHAA?

BSHAA logo

Just wanted to outline some information about an organisation I belong to called BSHAA ( British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists). Most reputable audiologist belong to this organisation in order to offer their patients and customers the highest standards of hearing care. Membership is voluntary and shows a commitment to deliver high quality customer care

New Year, new Equipment !

Our new suction machine

So Happy New Year ! As we welcome in a new decade I have been looking forward to my second year in the wonderful world of ear wax removal. I have just taken delivery of a new, super power micro suction machine. This equipment is one of the most advanced on the market offering a

Christmas Rush


Only just over a week to go until Christmas and, if last year was anything to go by, this week will be the busiest ever ! I still have some appointments free this week in Havant, Bordon, Petersfield and Wickham before the big day but the phone has been ringing off the hook this morning

Frequently asked Questions

I have been running my micro suction ear wax removal clinics for over a year now in Havant, Petersfield, Wickham and Bordon. I see on average about fifty people a week, removing ear wax and restoring hearing and peace of mind. Most patients have not had micro suction wax removal before and have probably had

Ear Wax Removal – For Anyone

my first blog image

So here I am, writing my first ever blog at the age of 55! It’s daunting and I admit I don’t really know what to write… Let me start with an introduction. My name is Jaine Walker and, you know my age. I live in Chichester with my partner and gorgeous cat called Whitney. I