Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal

A board

Havant Direction Board

To encourage social distancing at the Havant clinic, we are directing customers round the side alley to the back of the chemist to access the clinic. I put an Aboard by the alley to help customers find the clinic. Gosh, why didn’t I do this before ! I have been here for nearly two years

‘New Normal’


I am a bit tired of the saying ‘ this is the new normal’ but we know what people mean when they say it. Since returning to my wax removal clinics full time I have had to get used to working in a new way and so have my clients. In the GP surgeries in

Wickham Surgery now open

The Wickham Surgery

Good news ! Wickham surgery now open. I have been open in Havant and Petersfield for a few weeks but now, finally, Wickham is opening next week. This means I am able to offer micro suction ear wax removal 5 days a week. Havant – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Wickham – Thursday Petersfield – Friday

Havant and Petersfield

A Suction Machine and Otoscope

Good news ! Following guidance from the UK’s audiology professional bodies, we have now been given authority to safely practice the ear wax removal procedure. Clinics in Havant and Petersfield are now open and I am waiting confirmation to open the clinic in Wickham. Each room will be thoroughly cleaned between appointments and masks and

Re-opening of clinics

ear wax removal glasses

The British Society of Hearing Aids Audiologists ( our governing body) have now released guidelines with regard to micro suction ear wax removal. They have informed us that ear wax removal is not a high risk aerosol procedure. We are now able to offer this face to face appointment which will be classed as ‘essential’

Lockdown update

new room

The weekend before we went into lockdown, the clinic at Davies Pharmacy in Havant was newly decorated then disinfected top to bottom. I have sole use of the room and no-one else will have used it since. This means when I am able to reopen, the room will need disinfecting again and will be ready

Forward bookings

painful ear

As you know, I am unable to do micro suction ear wax removal procedure at the moment due to the Coronavirus lockdown. However, I am still receiving calls from people with blocked ears causing pain, discomfort and hearing loss. I do not know when I will be able to open again, but when I do,

Corona virus update part III

Over the weekend I have been trying to make a decision as to whether to continue offering the micro suction removal service. I have been consulting with other practitioners and following the medical advice for health care professionals online. I have come to the decision, with a heavy heart, to stop the micro suction service

Corona virus update part II

face mask

Since I wrote my last blog about a week ago, everything has changed again. Last night, Boris Johnson ordered the shut down of all bars, cafes, restaurants etc. I am still working in GP surgeries in Wickham and Petersfield and Davies Pharmacy in Havant. I have supplies of medical gloves, face masks, 70% alcohol hand

Corona virus update

Thought I would mention corona virus today, seeing as it’s all we are talking about ! All my clinics are in a medical environment; a pharmacy and GP surgeries. I still have plenty of alcohol hand sanitiser and all my rooms have sinks and soap. The GP surgeries are extra vigilant and have asked that