Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal

GP Referral

GP Referral ear wax

I wanted to talk about GP referrals. Because of pressures on GP surgeries due to Covid, I am seeing more clients in my clinics with issues other than ear wax. People are coming in with various symptoms such as pain, tinnitus, discharge or fluid. Others present for an ear wax removal appointment and otoscopy reveals

Home wax removal horror

outcome of using a screw tool

This is a picture of a customer’s damaged ear canal today. The customer’s son bought one of those cork screw ear wax removal tools from the internet saying ” don’t worry Mum, I can clean your ear out with this !” Without being able to see in her ear or know what he was doing

TV appearance

Jaine Walker on BBC South Today

I meant to write about this earlier. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to appear on South Today with a small segment about Waxaxe and Hearing Ltd. They asked for people to contact them who had shut down in the first lockdown but were now able to operate in this current lockdown.

Covid-19 Vaccination

covid vaccine card

My good news today is that I had the COVID vaccination at the weekend. As an audiologist doing close contact medical procedures such as micro suction ear wax removal, I qualified for the vaccine. The second jab is booked in April. Potential clients can now feel assured that, along with existing Covid protocols, my clinics

Healthcare Services

ear wax removal procedure

Well here we are again, Lockdown 3, ho hum…. Unlike the lockdown earlier in 2020, ear wax removal is permitted to operate as it is a medical procedure. Government guidance says that audiologists are ‘ specialist staff required to maintain the UK’s health and social care sector’. Therefore, I am operating all my clinics to

Welcome 2021

Happy New Year

I will be reopening for a brand new year on Monday 4th January. I am looking forward to welcoming more new customers with blocked ears for another year. I do not want to dwell on 2020….. the less said about it the better methinks. What I will say is that I replaced and upgraded all


we are open

Every time I try to update this blog, everything changes again ! So, as of today, Tuesday 22nd December, I am still running the micro suction wax removal clinics. Petersfield and Wickham clinics are in Tier 2 and Havant clinic is in Tier 4. However, all sites are in a clinic environment; two in GP

Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide

I have attached this photograph to show an extreme example of what hydrogen peroxide can do to an ear. Because the wax had been dissolved, I had to use a gentle warm water rinse to clean the ear and this was revealed once the wet wax had been washed out. I recommended olive oil drops

Open for Business

ear problem

Micro suction wax removal is classed as a medical service and is a non AGP ( aerosol generating procedure). We have Covid hygiene protocols in place and PPE. This means Waxaxe is open throughout any lockdowns and can offer a safe environment for your ear wax removal. Clinics are fully operational in Havant, Wickham and

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

People always ask ” what is the best way to stop the wax building up in my ears?”. Honestly, there’s nothing we can do to stop the build-up of wax. Our ears are the only self cleaning parts of our body and the wax has two functions. One is to migrate out of the ear